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D820 10.6 SL EDP FUBAR


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D820, NVidia Graphics

Latest MyHack and EDP


MyHack install goes fine until end of Apple install, then screen goes white and reboot necessary.

Manually run MyHack again to install extra and then reboot, interrupt to switch boot to HD.

Run MyHack again to install Chameleon. 

Reboot direct from HD. No sound or wifi (even though Broadcom card) but screen is hi res and wired enet is working fine.

Update to 10.6.8


Reboot ok, same as before but now 10.6.8

Run EDP.

Reboot. Screen now low res and even wired enet broken. FUBAR!


I am also trying to get 10.7.4 on this machine and that's broken too (can't even install).


Looking around at other posts, something is badly hosed about the D820 configs.


[update: D620 config with D820 left screen res hi but still broke wired enet. disabling the hardware wifi switch in BIOS got the wifi card working. trackpad not working but manual EDP config based on d620, changing ps2 to selection 2 (not 4!) got trackpad limping along but it takes 5 full pad swipes to cross the screen. Sleep does not restore screen brightness on wake.]

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I would create a folder and collect the kexts from /E/E and other places that work for you, create your own Extra or one with your own Extensions folder and then install those via myHack. There's also an option of using the OLD EDP installers. I'm not sure if the management likes if I attach those to my post. I have both Lion and SL old EDP installers. They may just get you a working system and then you can upgrade kexts where needed.


I have a D820 myself which works very smoothly, if you need anything from me let me know. I do have the Intel version though.

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