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[HOW TO] Install 10.7 Lion on Dell Inspiron 1545[WIP]


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ok, opening this up for discussion.


i have gotten as far as finding what others have put together and adding in the dsdt dinesh patched for me.


i have gotten the installer to load with a set of kext files and -v arch=i386, apparently setting i386 in the chameleon plist has no effect with the installer or something like that, to continue i can erase my partition, let it sit there for a period of time and it's fine, about a minute into installing, the installer locks up, can move the mouse, but then about 30 seconds later it too locks up.


this at first occured when my fan kicked on, now it just does it while installing, so i have spent the last four hours trying to narrow it down.


my current bootpack is attached.


also included, kext files i downloaded in a pack for 10.7 and the 1545.


hope this helps someone help me find the solution.

1545 boot.zip

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