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EDP Chameleon update = non-bootable


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I swear I posted this already, but the post is gone from 3rd party apps, might be why it was in the wrong place.


Ok, I have a Dell D630 x3100 (1280x800).


I had to swap my processor from the D630 to my Inspiron 1545 for the VT-X support.


I ran EDP and all went fine until reboot, Chameleon just stalled out instantly.


Reinstalled and copied the Extensions provided by EDP, ran myHack->myFix and everything is up running and fine, except the things EDP does, for example:


CPU monitor

dylib files, etc.


So I would like to run EDP without updating Chameleon or an instruction set to finish installing the rest that EDP does, I could live without the rest, but I figure if you guys included them, they must be important.



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