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D620 lion trackpad and dock issues


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I had tried doing a hackintosh with my D620 before and gave up since it was real problematic. I decided to try again and everything seems to be working great this time.I have one of the docks,and when I undock the dell the trackpad acts up.I can't get the cursor to move but a tiny little bit and it starts highlighting.Also,when I redock the dell it won't start charging,like it's not on the dock at all.Are these issues fixable,or am I doomed to not be able to use the dock.My build specs are:

Dell Latitude D620

Intel core 2 duo 2ghz

2 gigs ram

intel graphics low

osx 10.7.5 lion 

made usb with myhack3.1.2,extra folder from here,and latest E.D.P.

Thanks to everyone on this site for all you guys do.I would never have understood how do mackintosh without the help of osxlatitude.

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It should be fixable. I had similar trackpad issues on a D630.


To fix it, I re-ran EDP and picked the specific drivers for my model. Before having it install the drivers, though, I selected a different KEXT for the trackpad and keyboard. In my case, I had the best results with the default myHack driver, but YMMV.


Everything now works fine for me, except no two-finger scrolling.



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