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  1. I forget... is the D830 one where you need to set the SATA mode to AHCI?
  2. I suppose you also cleaned the fan and applied new thermal paste, right? My 630 (Intel) would overheat to the point of shutdown until I pulled the fan, cleaned out the fur lurking within and repasted the CPU. It ran very cool after that.
  3. That sounds like the SSDT file is not compatible. You could try booting without one, though I suspect you'd get the same KP.
  4. I did. I've managed to get 10.9.1 installed and upgraded to 10.9.4 using your DSDT with the extras from JakeLo back in post #16. (That one has the SSDT for my CPU.) The only problem is that I lost sound in the 10.9.4 upgrade. I've tried the version of AppleHDA.kext from your package and from both of Jake's packages, but no luck. Still checking threads for the fix for that one. Other than that, all is well. Thanks, everyone.
  5. Well, I downloaded the Extra-Alejandro.zip file linked in JakeLo's signature. That gets me a kernel panic in AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement (same as in post #3 of this thread). Next I tried the Extra pack JakeLo posted in #16 to address the same issue. That gets me to the plaid screen. So, I then tried adding the DSDT-HDMI.aml from the first pack (with appropriate changes to the Chamelon plist for DSDT name and resolution). Still going to plaid. Further thoughts?
  6. Does Disk Utility (on the Installer disk) see the drive?
  7. I'm hoping someone can offer some advice. I have an E6420, i5-2540M processor, Intel HD 3000 graphics (no Optimus) and BIOS A21. I downloaded the packages from the first post and have built myHack installers both with and without the included Extras. In any case, the USB drive boots to the point where I should see the installer desktop. Instead, I get a "plaid" screen (squares and bars) which fades to white over time. Has anyone seen something like this before? Any suggestions? Thanks...
  8. One more question... I was doing some more reading and saw comments to the effect that several things like Connect To Server and Bluetooth pairing don't work on the resulting system. Is that your experience with your D620? If so, it may be something of a dealbreaker for me. Thanks...
  9. Drat! So, the question is- what is causing the hang on my installer? It looks like the last significant line of output is "LPC initialization failed" with something about C-states not initialized. Any thoughts on how to debug this?
  10. I got it into my head today to try and update my D820n (Quadro 110) with C2D processor from Lion to ML. I created a myHack installer for 10.8.5 using the Extra pack from https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/2466-dell-latitude-d620-nvidia-nvs-110m-ml-with-full-qeci/ . Booting with both the -x and -v options, I can see that it gets to a point just after detecting the wireless card and then hangs. I'm not sure where to proceed from here. My first question would be whether these instructions even work for 10.8.5 as they appear to have been written when 10.8.2 was current. Also, is there an issue because I used the D620 Extras; if so, can you point me to a set of D820 extras that might work? Thanks...
  11. I wouldn't expect it to show under LSPCI as, I'm pretty sure, it is a USB webcam. Does it show up in System Information under USB?
  12. My understanding is that it is a Mavericks thing. You can always run Safari and surf over to https://gotofail.com which should be the definitive answer.
  13. Which WiFi card do you have? Intel cards have no OS X support. You may need do replace it with a Dell 1490 which is supported out of the box.
  14. I think the problem is that you are trying to build the installer under Windows (with TransMac). The preferred method (here, at least) is to build the installer from a within OS X using myHack. I think you're on the right track with the VMware install. Can you get to the point where you have a running system? If so, then you should be able to install myHack and use that to build the installer. The other alternative I've seen mentioned here it to bootstrap the installation by installing 10.6 (SL) from a retail disk using the Nawcom ModCD. This would set up a minimal OS X on your m6300, but it would be enough to install myHack and make the installer including the bootpack.
  15. Oh... so that's where the Attach button is hidden... These are the Extras from my 10.8.5 installer and my m6300 running 10.8.5 (native power management). m6300 Bootpack.zip m6300 Extra.zip
  16. The trick seems to be to have the correct versions of IOPCIFamily and AppleACPIPlatform kexts. So far, the best I've been able to do is 10.8.5. Unfortunately, I don't seem to have enough privilege to upload attachments. If you PM me your email address, I'll see if I can send you the Extra directory from my installer and my running system.
  17. Well, in the case of my Marvell Ethernet adapter, on both the M4400 and M6400, the Ethernet port shows up as an interface (en2) with correct MAC Id, etc. I'd consider that as "working". On the D820, the adapter never shows up in the list of interfaces. Similarly, there is no dmesg output when a card is inserted. That I'd consider to be "not working". Now, the big question... what is going on with the D820?
  18. I may have spoken slightly too soon. As I said, I can see an ExpressCard on both my M4400 and my M6300. This is under SL, ML and Mavericks, so the support is definately there. Oddly, it doesn't work on my D820, absolutely no indication that the card is seen. All I can say is YMMV.
  19. Not a problem… I was more curious whether it worked than needing to have it work. Thanks for replying.
  20. Tried the new driver on my Precision M4400. The trackpad identifies itself as: ApplePS2ALPSGlidePoint::identify: Found ALPS Device with ID E7=0x62 0x02 0x14, EC=0x10 0x00 0x64 The trackpad itself seems to work fine, but side/bottom scrolling does not and the trackpoint does not.
  21. I've noticed that the temps seem to be settling down a bit and am starting to thing that I am seeing a combination of background processing and a need to replace the CPU thermal compound. (Which, like everything else with the m6300, looks to be something of a bear.)
  22. Update... I put the two replacement kexts in /E/i/E and EDP picked them up during the M4300 build. Except for needing to add the pci id to the Ethernet driver, everything worked out of the box. So, on to native SpeedStep... I downloaded the latest FakeSMC.kext and made the changes needed to use the MacBookPro5,1 profile. Everything seems to be working with one exception: With the default FakeSMC, HardwareMonitor was reporting idle CPU temps around 44C. With the replacement, the value seems to be approximately double. This is causing the fan to run constantly, even though the output is nice and cool. Anybody seen this one before? Thanks again....
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