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Hi, I'm meklort and I live in the USA.


As far as hackintoshing goes, I've been doing this since 10.4 not sure the exact date. Initially started a a regular users, took a break for a few years, then joined up as a developer.


My initial interest was because I wanted to run OS X but didn't want to go out and pay for a mac. My interest as a developer were to make my hardware run better + reliably.


I'd say my computer skills are pretty advanced... I regularly uses Mac OS X, use windows when I have to (work) and used to be a gentoo linux user. As far as programming goes, used to write sites in php, before php5 came out. My languages of choice include c, embedded-c++, asm and objective-c, although I have (and still do) write in numerous over languages.


I'm here to offer support when needed, but mostly just to lurk.

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