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  1. http://myhack.sojugarden.com/2009/12/dual-booting-demystified/ An old guide, but information on time sync + switching over to AHCI, including registry edits is provided.
  2. Boot with -v so we can see where it is freezing.
  3. Good common sense tips. I'd say with #5 though you should first test the flags by entering them manually at the chameleon boot prompt, if they work as expected, then you may add them to the chameleon boot plist. I would also add #6 Avoid software which installs kexts or chameleon for you, very few of these have undergone the testing that myHack/myFix has undergone and if you are using myHack some of these applications will break some of the significant benefits that things like myFix have to offer. Manual installation or myHack/myFix methods are the only methods that I personally endorse as they are the only methods that I know inside and out and have good documentation and support available.
  4. Just inject the device into your dsdt for now, we're working to improve the code we have added to chameleon for graphics enabler support, if you want you can PM me and I will send you a beta version of myhack with our latest improvements for you to test if adding the IGPU device data to your dsdt proves to be too difficult for you.
  5. Newer systems don't have the HPET setting, it's 64bit by default. If you have a mouse in your bios configuration, chances are you have UEFI, the trick is to boot the drive with chameleon on it in legacy(mbr) mode, chameleon is not a uefi bootloader so if you boot it using uefi method it simply won't load. The specs you posted should work fine, but will need a more complete profile of your system hardware to give more details - lspci -nn will help us to narrow down the needs for the individual components.
  6. You have a working OS X system yes? Why not just reinstall from a clean myHack USB installation disk? I mean you have the general knowledge now of what extensions you'll need so setting up the Extra's shouldn't be too difficult. Alternatively - You shouldn't need a preboot/postboot img once you've actually achieved an installation - those are only there to help you get up and running using a swap cd. You should be able to just remove them and ensure you have what you need in /Extra and just run myfix -t / then reboot.
  7. Can you use the usb key to boot your OS X installation? (select usb key at bios boot menut -> hit tab at the chameleon boot prompt -> select your internal hdd that you installed OS X on and hit enter). From there open myHack app, select 'Install Chameleon' option and target your / partition. This should fix the problem, if it does not you could try using myHack from the utilities menu on the OS X Installer, run "install chameleon' option, target the volume that contains your OS X installation. If neither of the above fix your bootloader on the internal partition let me know I could send you a beta that contains an updated Chameleon bootloader as well as some new installation routines that may help to resolve the issue if it persists.
  8. Remove natit.kext, voodoo*.kext, and platformuuid.kext, from the preboot.dmg /Extra - use the following boot flags: GraphicsEnabler=No GraphicsMode=1024x768x32 -v CPUS=1 Once you get to the installed environment create a new usb installer with myHack so you have some sort of recovery environment as you poke around further - remember myhack 3.1.2 still has a bug with 10.6 installer creation under a 10.6 os - rename your / volume to zz-name to avoid the bug. From there I will need to know what graphics are on your notebook to find a better solution than natit... if there is one.
  9. I can't download that zip file but all I'd really need to see is an ls -l /Extra to have a better picture. Usually sleep related issues are linked to cpu power management - you could use 'sleepenabler.kext' while still using nullcpupowermanagement.kext to achieve sleep but you would not have proper pstate's which is still important for energy savings. To get functional power management on that i5 Sandy Bridge system is quite trivial though I showed an example here: http://myhack.sojugarden.com/2012/08/my-new-hackintosh/ I have done that on both Sandy Bridge Mobile and Ivy Bridge Desktop processors without problem. If it doesn't work right off the bat you may need some minor tweakage to your dsdt to allow sleep to function.
  10. The issue tracker is not publicly available at this time but I hope to be able to post it publicly in the future. It's a software limitation of the issue tracker I use.
  11. I have the z77x-UP5H (non thunderbolt model of the same board as you) and mine does the exact same thing (reboots after shutdown). I haven't ever bothered to actually look into it because I never shut it down (i just put it to sleep when not using it). If I have some time I might look into it further, and certainly do let me know if you find out anything.
  12. This is a known bug and will be fixed in the release of myHack 3.2 - see this screenshot from my issue tracker for the details: Temporary resolution: Rename all other HFS+ partitions with OS X on them to Z_Oldname - the Z_ prefix will make them show up after the Mac OS X Install DVD in /Volumes/ so myHack will ignore them. If that doesn't work - use traditional disk utility method to restore 10.6.3 disk image to the usb stick, then use myhack options "Install myHack Utilities", "Install Extra", & "Install Chameleon" in that order with the usb stick as your target - this will effectively achieve the same results as running myHack create installer option.
  13. I personally always suggest gigabyte mainboard and msi gpu, i have had almost universal success with them. My last straw with ASUS came with an 8600GT that caught fire while my computer was idle in the middle of the night, and nearly burned my apartment down. Then they refused to even replace the component - gigabyte replaced the mainboard in that system despite knowing that the GPU was at fault... So I will forever be loyal to gigabyte, and ironically they have consistently produced the best hackintosh-able boards. Perhaps you can find some winblows gamer who will be willing to buy that from you - say 'barely used, perfect condition, only selling because it's not compatible with OS X'. I'm sure someone will buy it.
  14. See my reply to this issue here: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=601&p=1995#p1995 I have seen this happen many times to people with XFX cards over the years, I have rarely seen it solved if you are one of the unlucky ones with one of the GPU's that just won't work.
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