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Hey Guys,

my name is Tim, but I most prominently go by UAKTags or just Tags. Don't ask what it means, long story short, it's just a name that's stuck. I'm currently stationed in the Bavarian State in Germany, until hopefully November when I'm hoping to be back in the States living a civilian life.

My experience with Hackint0sh is greatly inadequate. While I do consider myself a self-identified computer geek, hackint0sh has always been that Evil Step-Brother that I have never been able to get along with mainly due to the fact I've always disliked Apple and never had the patience to get a rig up and running.

So far the most success I've made was with Lion GM and myHack 2.0 RC which I prompted me to start working from 0640 yesterday all the way until 22-2300 playing around with the setup. While it's not a well oiled machine, it's at least given me enough success to not completely scrap the Hackint0sh idea completely and to keep working at it.

My main interest in Hackint0sh dwelled from one, my curiosity of why Mac lovers seem to REALLY love their Macs, two my great disbelief to have to buy a whole new overpriced machine just to get a simple BSD-based OS running, and three because as a self-identified geek I've found alot of computer flawed customers in the military and this allows me to learn a thing or two in order to help those guys with Macs.

My general skill level is far more than the average bear. (Understand that my knowledge of an average person is based solely off of the US Military's population and the retarded trolls you find asking the SAME questions to topics that are already answered.) I've been into computer building and repair for the past 15years, programming with VB6/.net/python for about the past 7 years, and just now getting into real languages such as C++ during this past year while deployed. So again, I may not be a true guru, and certainly don't know a whole lot, but I do dabble into alot of subjects and can handle my own.

I think that just about covers all the talking points that were asked for, I'm sure I can post more if needed.


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