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Hey all, my name is Ron and I live in Portland, OR (SE Sunnyside neigbhorhood). I've been using OS X since my college days learning Final Cut and Logic, and always been something of a system building enthusiast.. so learning about the great potential of the hackintosh has been really exciting, and I've been hackin' it up since 10.5. I have a fair amount of experience with it all, from building around components that work well with OS X, to editing my own DSDT ground up by hand, so hopefully I can be of some assistance to newcomers and point them in the right direction. I'm also a linux enthusiast (have ran slackware for years and now arch), so am always game to rap about that. Feel free to shoot me a message here or poke at me on irc.osx86.hu


Lookin' forward to seeing the boards grow :)

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