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I go by Ignignokt (uncreative it may be) and live near Kalamazoo, which does exist, and gets far too much snow. I've been maintaining a hackintosh for a couple of years now and use an aging Dell XPS 420 desktop as my main system. I briefly owned a Dell Mini but found it too slow for everyday use and my wallet too empty for an SSD.


My Dell XPS was my first experience with OS X. Like so many others I was inspired by a LifeHacker post. Not knowing what I was doing I downloaded distro after distro until one would finally boot. I upgraded that particular iFail Leopard build to Snow Leopard, and it lasted me nearly two years. I thankfully started from scratch with Lion and myHack2.0 to clear the crap I blindly installed two years previously. Lion now works flawlessly after including AHCIPortInjector.kext and another wayward kext for my Ethernet controller. I sadly must rely on VoodooHDA for internal sound but I aim to change that soon.


I would describe my computer skill level as functional/average. Enough to figure out why the hell my Ethernet and App Store won't work and fix it, but not enough to rock my own DSDT.


Not trying to suck up, but I really do love the concept of myHack. Enough to get your feet wet, with flexibility to make it your own. My Dell BIOS offer no option for AHCI, which causes issues with other OSx86 solutions like iboot (chameleon, stolen and rebranded). myHack allows me to add the specific kexts I need easily and with the least headaches.


If needed, I am willing to do anything requested of me by the collective.

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