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Tiberiu Dubau

Tiberiu Dubau

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Cheers all,


My name is Tiberiu Dubau, I come from Romania and I've been using a hackint0sh for about a year and a half now ( I remember when I started very clearly - it was back in 01.01.2010 when Prasys helped me make it work - imagine the dedication on this guy if he was willing to stay up with me on New Year's...).

I belive my interest in OSX sparked around that time too, mostly because of the beauty of the OS and the comunity around OSX86 - everywhere you turned people were glad to help, answered promptly and had good intentions. Some even went above and beyound the call of duty to help newbies such as myself (Prasys, Conti, Aschar, to name but a few).

However, my experience is limited to 10.6.3 (and slightly new versions) and my rig only.

I'd have to say my computer skills are somewhat advanced, but I use mostly Windows and web design / database administration so they are not that relevant to Mac OS.


My reason for joining this forum is to learn. A lot. From the best of the best.

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