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-Where you are from/where you live.

Living in Canada, Quebec


-How long you have used a hackint0sh (if this is your first time, state that you are new to this).

I'm trying ti familiarize myself with OSX since 10.6.2, maybe an year ago ... when I found myHack


-A brief summary of your experiences in hackint0shing (if any).

I could install myHack on an Acer machine, and after lot of trials and googeling on hackint0sh sites, and lot of moonlighting ;-), could make SL work on it ! Now, I'm trying to get a Lion installation to work, expecting more moonlighting :-) ...


-What triggered your interest in hackint0sh.

Loved mac environment, liked the smoothness and the lack of Win-errors


-Your general computer skill level.

Maybe Average, and more substantially on PC systems, it is not my primary field of expertise, but have been programming on VB, HTML...

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