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-USA - Close enough to pee on apples sign :)


-Been hackintoshing since 10.4 using a JaS image :), got out for a while then back into retail installs with the help of Nawcom on my AMD 64 in 10.5 (It was amazing!)


-my interest in hackintosh was to get OSX on my totally unsupported AMD system. I have since gotten Intel and retail is SO MUCH better on Intel :)


-I am a Linux nerd, used to be hardcore Gentoo but got tired of the long compile times and went binary (Fedora).


-I am a hacker i dont code other than bash :) I help nubs in IRC, that is what i bring to the table :)


-I normally lurk in #Lion, #Snowleopard (with a ban hammer), #RadeonHD (with a ban hammer), and #hackint0sh (with a ban hammer)

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