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Hi, everybody!

I'm from Spain and I've been hackint0shing since 10.4, with my old Pentium IV, my first experience... Other experiences are the following:

10.5 whit AMD Athlon 64

10.5 whit Core i7, GA-X58-UD3R, HD 4870... And now trying 10.6 with this one. With some troubles...

I really don't remember why I was interested on this the first time, I think it was a lucky strike, reading forums and all that stuff. Now I just wanna improve my knowledge about hackint0sh.

Well, my computer level is high on Windows and Linux admin, I'm IT. I know how to work with OS X too, I have a MacBook Pro.

I know Visual Basic .NET, Java, and web programming (XHTML, PHP, JavaScript...).


So I hope you can help me, I can help you and make this easier for everyone.

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