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Hi guise! ;D


*Texas here. Home in Houston, go to school in Austin.

*I've been using hackint0sh since early-mid leopard. 10.5.3, I think?

*I started out with my eVGA 680i board on an intel CPU. The CPU was supported but nForce SATA controllers crapped out regularly. I ended up going out to buy a ga-ep45p-ud3r for compatibility. Then later I got a ga-ex58-ud5 for shits and giggles (i really wanted an i7, lol), and that's what I'm still on.

*When I got a macbook pro for college, I slowly became a convert. I was sick of Windows always becoming corrupted, and I also liked the familiar terminal environment (learned unix at work). When I found out that I could have OS X on my desktop, I jumped on it!

*Currently going to be a 3rd year as a comp sci major. Interested in OS-level stuff.

*Been running an ubuntu server for a couple of years now, used to know my way around XP -- not so much anymore. Usually script in perl. Working as an iOS dev, so I know some objective C.



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