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Hi my name is mind, my extension is .erz,

i live in the center of latium, italy.

my firs experience with hackintosh begins running mac os 10 on pearpc emulator (a powerpc emulator for windows) and make it work inside windows. The firs version of osx i installed natively was a 10.4 on an amd athlon 64 pc (bad results:)

Actually i got an almost perfetct Lion install on an intel pc really helped by myhack and just tuned with chameleon settings and the right kexts for my hardware. almost forgot. Always did it in dual boot with windows using chameleon or grub.

I think MacOS is a really great OS. Hackint0sh is the cheap way to make it run outside apple hardware, make it easy for people like me to dual boot and try and really learn how it works in a technical way. And myhack really help this process.

I work as computer technician. I assemble and repair hardware software in a pc lab since 2004.

Obviously i begin workin with windows but i always try to have a Linux machine and a Hackint0sh to learn as most as possible.

I program in C and Java (not so much lately).

I can help test everything on various PC configuration i got for free (notebook, netbook, desktop pcs) or i can explain all the small things i learned from my hackint0sh experience if needed to help the community.

Thats all.

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