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Greetings and salutations!


As you may have noticed, my name is GhaleonX :P

I'm from Ohio (United States), and currently live in Alabama. I don't run a professional "shop", but a lot of people I deal with locally (friend recommendations) call me to setup and fix their personal and/or professional computers for them (my work usually includes system installation and setup, but I do other things, too. Lots of 'building from scratch', too). I've been using/working on computers since the mid-90s (mostly windows), and I've been "hackint0shing" for about 3 years now (I think), and it's been quite the learning experience.


I first decided that I wanted to build a hackint0sh when I read about hacked developer installs for Tiger that worked on non-Apple (Intel) hardware. My first attempt was with my Shuttle XPC (Pentium 4 Northwood/ICH4). I couldn't get any version of Tiger to work, but I shortly thereafter tried Leopard, and it was much much easier (oddly). Though I was largely unfamiliar with macs, I had somewhat of a small linux background, so the xterm was quite familiar to me. I began learning about kexts, and how to edit plists within them, and had a decent working build. This box also had a somewhat obsecure version of a GeForce fx5200 graphics card that won't work fully with any of the enabler kexts for the same card, except for NVResolver (I will eventually create a thread detailing this build with more info about that, haha).


As I learned more about what I was doing (and more importantly, how OSX works), I decided to get it working on my "work" computer, which at the time was much better spec, but still not all that vanilla-friendly. Nonetheless, I got it working, and I kept googling each aspect I would work on to find as much info on understanding each problem, and eventually working it out by some means.


For those who are just getting into the hackint0sh experience, prepare to be frustrated, fascinated, and finally happy at various points on your journey. I, personally, like the challenge of making something work that isn't supposed to (but can), but I've also found that sometimes it's best to just get a piece of hardware that will work fully, and save yourself time (and ensure stability, which is important if you use your computer for anything profesionally). Most importantly, don't ever get discouraged - there are always people willing to help, and I believe this forum may one day become a prominant place where they will receive it!

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