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Hey Hey!


Well first off, thanks a bit there Conti. As you said in chat, the best thanks would to post my stuffs on here, and well I gots to do this first it seems.


I'm just in the USA, in a rural area. Decent life, schooled and going back again for another round. Am a degreed graphics person, but going back to school for networking IT stuff to pay the bills. I grew up on Apple computers from the oldest green screens to some of the earliest versions of finder. It wasn't until late in HS that I had to move to windows. At the time, I loved Apple. In some ways I still do, but the illusion was shattered years ago and I just can not support the practices of Apple (either software or hardware related).


I've wanted to created a Non-Branded Mac Computer. I say it like that because from all I know, there is no "Hacking" involved anymore when it comes to getting OS X to run. Since Mac's are just PC's branded with the Apple logo, I have come to hate the term "Hackintosh". Being poor, I bought AMD for years and I did get an OS X box up and running in the earliest of days. It did work, but it ran slow and it took a lot of work to get going.


Now, my last build I finally bought Intel. I hadn't paid any attention to this stuff in a few years, so it was time to get back into the game. I didn't build this setup to run OS X. If it worked, it worked. If it didn't, it didn't. Luckily, with some work, it did work. With Lion (and the help of Conti), it takes just a couple kexts and dsdt to get things running. I was using SL from 10.6.4. Even better now that I've moved to USB and no more dvd's/cd's involved. lol


So yea, I guess that be it for about now.

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