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Hello, Names Mark Hack and i live in Austin Tx. I work at the apartments i live at as well as four other buildings. i fix just about any thing people can mess up. This is why i go by the nick "hack" in the irc channels.


I been using hackint0sh ever since leopard first came out. Some worked and some didn't, What i figured out is Distros = FAIL. But what i liked most of it was learning my pc hardware inside and out. I also like to program in delphi, .net & c++. i like building websites but limited to the html I know. Also love to play with photoshop!


I grew up on winblowes and never knew any better till about the time leopard came out to try a hackint0sh install. after I used the mac osx for about 5 minuets I fell in love with the look and feel of the OS. after a few weeks of playing on it i noticed you don't have to be as paranoid as you do in winblowes. If you think about it was kinda like a bad child hood i don't want to relive! Since i had nothing but PC hardware it only made since to try a hackint0sh.


I been playing with computer hardware & software since 92.


so far I have had every model of iphone & ipod touch JB. all I do in my spare time is help people out in the osx86 rooms with just about any and everything I can.


IF you need help i'm always glad to lend a hand when i'm around :)

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