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hi, i'm Toltuga and I'm from Dominican Republic and i live in Santiago.

I've been using hackintosh since mid leopard (10.5.6) late 2008 if my mind doesn't fail, as a totally newbie... but since then I've been reading a lot and learned a lot of things, especially to get a working vanilla system.


in the beginning i encountered some troubles because i was using an evga-750i board and the compatibility with nfoce chipsets was kinda tricky, the bright side is that i learned a lot and then i bought a ga-ep45-ud3p and now i don't have almost any issues running mac os actually 10.7.


once a friend showed me his pc booting mac os... and i said to my self "i have to do that" i don't have the money to buy a real mac but i love mac os... so thats basically what triggered me to install hackintosh.


my skills are not that "pro" but i understand how hardware works i can assemble a computer without problems, some basics knowledge about how things works. and curious enough to find out what i don't understand. i don't have any experience programing in any language or os.


i have skills with adobe illustrator if the community needs, i can serve in any way that my best.

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