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Kext Submissions


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If you have a kernel extension you would like to submit to this forum please post a detailed description of the kext, it's capabilities, known compatibility/incompatibility, and reference the source of the kext in this thread.


Include a download link to the kext on a free file hosting site that does not require registration or login.


If the extension is deemed worthy and the description is complete one of the staff will post a thread including the description you submitted, a "Submitted by" line with your nickname, and include the kext as an attachment.

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I added the extra iokit  personalities from the patched lion Ioatafamily.kext to the mountain lion one:


I used this myself on my Dell Optiplex 745 where it was needed for the installer to detect the hard drive


I did the same for the mavericks one:


But I didn't test this one out. Should work in theory though

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