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First off allow me to thank you, for being the only "hack" that actually got Lion installer to work.


I have tried every form of installing Lion, from xfail, to making so-called bootable installation disks, other USB installers, etc, non of them work, at all.


But your method, sir, was right on the money. Your website speaks volumes of your intelligence.


So, about me.


I hail from West Virginia, USA.


Have been into computers since the XT/8086.


Although not new to computers at all, (was a manager in Information Services for United Parcel Service for nine years), the whole Hackintosh thing is new for me.


Predominantly a PC man, myself, what drew me to Mac was the need/desire to use Final Cut Pro X, and I was not about to purchase an entire Mac system, just to tinker with one single program.


Once I started dabbling with getting the Mac OS to run on a spare hard drive on a PC, I was hooked.


Funny thing, my first attempt was flawless. I got Snow Leopard installed using a retail SL DVD, and iboot (chameleon, stolen and rebranded). Budda-bing. Went right in and ran perfectly. I would say, roughly 94% ran out of the box. Lion on the other hand is another story. I have had such a rough time at getting Lion on to its own hard drive, that I almost gave up the Hackintosh thing, I was that frustrated.


That is of course untill I found your site. Your "USB method" was THE only one that worked for me.


I have never bought a PC, I have built and designed every system I have ever owned.


I enjoy programming. Program in Visual C#/Basic/Assembly x86.


Once ran a 4 telephone line BBS, TBBS as a matter of fact, and received downloads from Satellite via Planet Connect. I also wrote a program, which I ended up selling on FIDOnet, which parsed all the downloaded material automatically, and distributed material to its proper location within the board system.


Thats about it really.

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