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Good Morning,


I am Rick5 from Aurora, IL. I've been building and using hackintosh systems for approximately 4 years ... my first system being ... I hate to admit it ... an eFix. After experiencing eFix customer service first hand I quickly made my way into the the more DIYish forums and began building the computers around chameleon and learning about the different methodologies from other users. I am now on my 4th hack ... based on a P67A-UD7-B3 motherboard with a 2600k processor and an EVGA 580GTX graphics card. The system boots Lion, W7 and Ubuntu.


My interest was triggered after I bought my first mac ... an MBP 17". It still works wonderfully, and I wanted to transfer that functionality to my desktop but I just didn't like the Mac prices$$$$. So I tried hacking. And am still doing so today. The reason I've come here is to learn more about editing DSDT files and kexts.


I've been around computers since the old IBM PC 8086 days and I've learned basic and C and C++ along the way though I haven't plied that sort of trade for years. Now I'm semi retired and I just put systems together for myself and for a few friends.


As I stated, I want and need to learn more about editing DSDT files and kexts and this appears to be a good place to learn some of those things.




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