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Hi all,

I'm Karakzho, from France.I used an Hackintosh since 2008 with Jas 10.4.6 ( if i remember).


I think I have good experience in hackintosh. I currently have a website where I was administrator and then I try to help many member to install OS X.


Which led me to the Hackintosh was difficult at that time to install mac on pc. For me it was a big challenge. But because of that, I have had extensive experience in hackintosh and programming on the mac.


I think I have a large general level of computer skills, it's been since the age of 3 years (I'm 22 years old) I'm on a computer and I'm looking for new things continuously.

As I said previously, the challenge always makes me look older.


I have a deep understanding of Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and freebsd where I am an amateur, but perfected.

In terms of my experience, I program in PHP, SQL, Java, C, Shell, C + +, Assembler, Android, Objective C( I Begin ) ,...


What I would like to share with the community is my hackintosh experiences , but also help in understanding and programming kernel legacy, Kext patch, ... Advance the Hackintosh community is an important thing for me.

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