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HP DV6 CTO-3000 laptop gives _lapic _start not found error


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After having setup a couple hackintoshes in the past, I imagined that this laptop, being equipped with a supported Intel Core i5 cpu would be a breeze. Unfortunately, I've found out that HP's latest offerings are plagued with issues related to "lapic.c." As to what that means, I can only guess. But it's been addressed at least here on projectosx regarding HP Insyde Bios' need for a cpus=1 flag, which in turn links to the voodooprojects site with meklort's fix for Snow Leopard 10.6.0, here on Mammoth's insanelymac topic, and here on extraspeed's blog.


So after having read up on this issue, i got a couple files that would resolve this issue with my Lion 10.7.0 install. I proceeded as follows:


1. Setup USB installer with myHack 2.0RC4 with the Generic Extras folder

2. created an /Extra/KPKexts folder, wherein I placed one of the files LAPICFix.kext

3. added the file KernelPatcher.dylib into /Extra/modules

4. applied myFix onto the USB drive for good measure

5. booted with these flags: "UseKernelCache=y arch=i386 -v" (I also tried not entering arch=i386 since it's already included in org.chameleon.boot.plist)


Upon which, the following occurred:








(N.B. I don't know how to resize these photos directly from my phone after the fact, but copying and pasting the image url will show jpgs in their glorious entirety)

I was wondering what steps I might be able to take to correct this. I'm hoping that it's simply a matter of me having misread the instructions on how to do this instead of something else. Any help on this matter would be appreciated. Really.



EDIT: with further help, I was advised to use the following flags to troubleshoot to see if the proper kext was loading:


-v UseKernelCache=y arch=i386 Wait=y


Which then yielded the following





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