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Just a quick hello and intro from me as requested by the forum admins....this will be my second Hackintosh that I have attempted to get up and running...my first was not all that special and I have owned various G4's through time...the one I am using now is configured as follows:


Asus P5K-E Wifi AP Mainboard

Core2Duo E7200 cpu @2.54Ghz (Stock Clocks)

4 Gig G.Skill 1066Mhz DDR2 Ram @ 1066Mhz

500Gig Sata II Seagate HDD as my mac drive with Hazzard 10.6.6i Installed and running other than WiFi

1TB Internal Westerndigital Green HDD for windows 7 running with Chamileon RC5 dual booting

Sata DVD Burner

Geforce GTX285 1Gig DDR3 Vid Card Fully working with GraphicsEnabler=Y


My interest was triggered in the hackintosh through wanting to use the best os known to man, (other than Linux LOL), for every day use and a pc for gaming...hence the prospect of the two comming together on the one machine...so far this has worked well for me untill now lol...which brings me to this forum....


My knowledge of the hacked Mac os is limited to say the least but i am an electronics and I.T tech and can quickly learn when I have the time


I really have no programming skills at all other than Basic LMFAO...dose anyone remember that?...Amstrad CPC464 64k computer with the built in datacorder...ha ha...well enough ramble...hope that this covers all that the admins required...any questions ask!!!



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