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Lenovo D20 Thinkstation not booting


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Gents, trying to install 10.6 on my bosses machine.


Built a USB stick with myhack rc4.1 (yesterday), with 10.6 DVD retail image... 10.6.3


-Lenovo Thinkstation D20, Phoenix Bios.

-onboard sound card, Intel 82801JI

-onboard ethernet, Broadcom Net BCM5755

-Xeon E5620, 2.4ghz

-NVidia G96 Quadro FX580 rev a1

-OS X Source Media 10.6.3 Retail DVD

-cant capture the logs guys, i wish i could, the system reboots :(


Issue: After boot, I see an option to specify myhack boot parameters. I've tried many, including -v -x arch=i386 cpus=6 busratio=20 GraphicsEnabler=yes, etc...

The lines start scrolling, then the machine restarts

Also, I do not see a graphical myhack, but a text one.



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Installer finished... not able to boot from HD , comp reboots :(


You'll need to reproduce the steps you used to get the installer booting to the hdd... If you are running legacy_kernel to boot your system, that kernel needs to be on the partition you are booting too.

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the mach_kernel that gets installed in / of hdd does not work. computer goes into the boot loop


If i replace the mach_kernel with nawcom's mach_kernel, things work fine :)


(Except for the video card, nvidia G96 Quadro FX580 rev a1.) hope you guys can help



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