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I'm Jonathan Provo and I'm from Belgium, in Europe that is.


Currently I am 21 years old and still studying. What do I study? 'Master in Sciences: Electronics-ICT, focus Internet Computing'. My average computer knowledge and techical experience is rather high i'd say ;)


My interest in hackintosh started a few months ago, when my laptop crashed. I needed a new one fast, for my studies, but since I am doing my phd (think that's the english word for it) in OS X... I needed something that could run OS X. Buying a Mac was my first idea. But... ocassionaly I like to play some games on my laptop and therefor I have not chosen for a real Mac (don't want to start any discussions here). Instead, I bought another laptop on which I'm running 10.7.1 now with nearly everything working (except for USB 2.0, but my USB 3.0 works). Dual boot with Windows 7 btw.


So, hackintosh expercience ? One so far.. :)


Now, I'm working on a 2nd hackintosh which is very similiar to the one I already built, but this one is trickier. That's why I am willing to join this forum, to ask help since I used myHack. More details when I can post into other forums... Hope this will do.



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