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[SOLVED] No sensible video output when GUI should appear


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When the GUI should first appear during installation, I see a white rectangle at the top of my monitors -- I believe this is because of Lion's new video drivers not handling DisplayPort output correctly. I was able to get a picture using a mini-DP->HDMI out to a TV, but I don't have a non-displayport TV/monitor/etc available to use anymore. I've tried booting with GraphicsEnabler=n, and the system reboot. I don't remember if it was immediately after chameleon finished loading things, or if it was after the XNU kernel was about to load up the GUI.


I'm currently running 10.6.7, as 10.6.8 broke DisplayPort out -- probably for the same reason that Lion GM is having trouble outputting any video when the GUI should appear.


Netkas found out that 10.7.2 11C37 fixed some DisplayPort issues. He actually tested using the same video card as me.


I'm not completely sure, but I think that if I somehow get Lion to use 10.7.2 video kexts during installation, I should be able to see a video output. Is there a way I can do that with myHack?



In Netkas's post, he says

But there is good news, introduced with previous beta – display port works on 5xxx card without hacks.

What is this "hack"? Maybe instead of using the 10.7.2 drivers, there's a different way to get display port graphics to work. As long as I can install a 10.7 system with basic video out working -- with/without QE/CI -- I can update to 10.7.2 to get graphics working correctly.


System specs:

Current OS: 10.6.7

Monitor: 24" Apple LED. (I actually have 3, but I install with 1 monitor only, just in case. I tried doing combinations of 1-3 monitors on different video ports with the same results.)

Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 (rev 1.0) (bios f13j, i believe)

LAN chip: 2 x Realtek 8111D chips (10/100/1000 Mbit)

CPU: intel i7-960

Graphics Card: ATI 5870 2Gb Eyefinity-6 edition (6x Mini-DisplayPort).

Source Media: Install OS X Lion.app

myHack.app log: N/A

Audio Codec: N/A (a firewire interface is used for Audio, so motherboard audio isn't necessary at the moment.)


You can catch me on #lion, I'm usually hanging out trying to bother Conti with this stuff anyway. If you need any more info I'll be glad to provide it, but I don't think I missed much.






After reading this post by Conti, I set GraphicsMode and boot in to see what would happen.


Booting -v with all 3 monitors, I got a picture on one of the three monitors -- but it was only on the secondary monitor. What I saw was the gray fabric-like texture that would have been the backdrop. The dialog box for installation would have been on the main screen, but the other 2 screens (one of which was the main screen) had no picture.


Booting -v with only 1 monitor, I got no picture.


Again, just LMK if any additional info is necessary and I'll be more than glad to provide it.

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I took Conti's advice over IRC and copied all ATI* kexts from the 10.7.2 installer over to the boot disk. I was able to see the installer screen this way! After installing, I copied the ATI* kexts from 10.7.2 installer over to the new Lion partition, and I was able to see the initial setup screen.


This was all done while having all 3 monitors plugged in. Only 2 of 3 monitors were recognized, however. I'll try moving around video ports, updating to 10.7.2, etc, and post the results.


Thanks ContI!

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Sorry it's taking so long to try different things -- my USB drive died, and I can't think of another place to put the myHack installer. (Only other drives are a 2tb (which can't boot b/c of its sector size?) and a 320gb which would be the target drive.


The USB is being RMA'd right now, as soon as that comes in I'll try an install again and post some updates.




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You can also use a partition on your OS drive, care is required for this option but I've done it successfully in the past, in fact even now I have a Lion installer sitting on a partition on my main OS drive, it just makes things easier in case I break something and need a quick fix.

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I didn't see Conti's reply until today -- but my USB stick already came in, so oh well. ;)


I've tried switching the video outputs. I've tried just about every single combination of 3 monitors. It seems like the OS only outputs a video signal to two.


Weird things -- System Profiler (called something else now?) shows 3 displays in the Graphics/Display section, and they're all detected correctly as an Apple LED display. Also, when I go to System Prefs and try to change the video out, i see 3 monitors i can move around.


However, when I hit (About this mac) and hit (more info...), in the displays section, there are only two monitors, not three.


I don't know if this makes any diff., but it seems like the apps from Snow Leopard are detecting 3 monitors, but the new app from Lion (the new screen after "more info...") only detects 2 monitors.


I'm lost. I'd try the 10.6.7 kexts, but to use them I'd need kabyl's boot, and I don't know if it's compatible with Lion.





P.S. Should I start a new topic, since that Installation was technically successful?


P.P.S. I tried installing the 10.7.2 beta, but I got a KP. What's up with that?

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