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Hi Hackintoshers,


I live in Atlanta, GA where I work in video production. I built my first Hackintosh 4 months ago. Since that time, I have successfully built 2 Sandy Bridge Hackintosh systems with i7 2600k cpus, Asus p8p67 mobos, 16GB Patriot Viper XTreme memory, and GTX 470 gpus. Both systems are identical and used primarily for video editing.


My interest in Hackintosh sparked when I got a job working for a company that only uses Macs. In order to have a compatible workflow, I needed to have my own mac. Rather than spending $5,000 on a macpro, I knew I could build a more powerful Hackintosh for only $2,000. Plus, I don't really like Apple as a company so I try to never give them any of my money.


I have registered to this forum because I have heard of the great results that can be achieved by installing macos on hackintoshes using myHack. I installed MacOS on my systems using iboot (chameleon, stolen and rebranded) and everything works. But there are a lot of unnecessary kexts and things that I feel bog it down a bit. However, as hard as I have tried, I keep getting kernel panics when I try to boot into the Mac OS installer flash drive. I hope this forum will help to resolve my myhack issue.




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