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-Where you are from/where you live.

Sydney Australia


-How long you have used a hackint0sh (if this is your first time, state that you are new to this).

1 Week Newbie


-A brief summary of your experiences in hackint0shing (if any).

Basic stuff: installing MyHack, adding kexts, editing plists...


-What triggered your interest in hackint0sh.

Something different to Windows - I have an Iphone4 , iPad. Mac OS seems to be the next step


-Your general computer skill level.

20 Years windows & Intel


-List any technical experience you have in various operating systems and programming languages (if any).

Windows 3.1- 7. Windows NT- 2008 R2. SBS2003-2011


-If you have any talents/skills that you would like to offer to help the community (optional).

Might do some testing and maybe some non-system programming

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