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I'm Lockzi!

Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden over 20 years ago - has been using Mac's for three weeks now.


I've now spent about a week trying to get things sorted with loads of re-installs. Learning a lot on the way!

Most important of all I find enjoyment in doing this. So much to learn - but fortunately I find the time.


Being an Windows power user for almost a decade and a half it is safe to assume that I have been a long hater of Macintosh systems. I have also always loved to build my own computer systems - which obviously made Mac's a big no-no.


I got to try an MacBook Pro for 3 hours which was so intuitive that I simply had to buy my own. Bought an MacBook Air and fell so much in love with Mac OS X that I simply had to get Hackint0sh going on my workstation as well.


I have and am running Linux servers for about 5 years so the lacking of a proper terminal and such within a Windows environment has been noted. I would not say that I'm an Linux expert and I don't know yet to what extend that knowledge is transferable to Mac OS X environments - but this should give me an advantage in becoming a Mac OS X power user instead.


In my work I have to do a lot of websites, mainly with PHP as the platform. These websites for the most of the time run on Linux servers which is where some tasks as shell scripting, setting up CRON jobs and other various tasks which are included with getting a proper web-, DNS', and mailserver functional.


On my spare time I've among other things indulged myself with some application programming. Starting about 10 years ago with VB then later moving through C to C++ on to C# - "safe to say" that I've been around.


I do not yet know what I will be able to contribute to the community but in time I am sure I can become an asset.


Woah - this felt like writing a letter of intent!


See you around at the boards!




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