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Hello everyone.


I am Nave from the state of Texas. I have been using a hackingt0sh since OS X tiger, then moving to leopard, and now I have been using Snow Leopard. The process of creating a hackint0sh has been evolving into what is is today and much more easier than when all these projects first started. myHack has been by far the easiest installation process as desktops go and meklort's netbook installer has been the easiest as netbooks go. My interest in hackint0sh started with articles from such sites as lifehacker and the thought of building a mac pro like desktop (performance wise). At the time I started, I was in college and did not have the money for a mac, I now own 3 macs, but my hackint0Sh still performs great! My skill level is medium. What I learn is from reading from forums like these. My experience is mirroring what are in these forums, from jailbraking iphones and ipod, to hackingt0sh, to now the world of android rooms and rooting.



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