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My name is Steve. I use macs at work and home, work machine (the one I'm looking for help on) is a iMac i3. I'm in a tiny little place called Temple in Northern Ireland. It rains here a lot!


I am a first time Hackintosher about to attempt to install SL to an Eeepc 1008. I do uite a bit of work in the iPhone community.


I will be completely honest here and say I'm on this forum looking for some assistance. I fell at the first hurdle and stupidly installed MyHack to my REAL mac, not onto the USB drive. I have read the "What To Do" if you do this page, but as the moment the REAL Mac is still working fine ('ve not attempted a reboot), so I'm hoping that there is something I can do to put the system back the way it was, without having to reboot.


I appreciate that me being up front for my reason to be here might void my chance of getting to post in the main forum, but I figured honesty was the best way forward. I run quite a few community sites myself for my industry (Bike trade) so understand the rules on these things. I'm just hoping to get some advice on this.



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