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Repair "REAL" mac after installing chameleon


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First of all, yes, I'm an idiot. I'm not new to this sort of thing, normally do read everything before attempting something for the first time, but, early morning, one cup of coffee, trying to do too many things, and didn't read the big red warning screen!


So, I've installed the chameleon bootloader onto the "REAL" mac I was using to prepare a USB for installing SL onto an EeePC. Best of all the "REAL Mac is my works iMac running SL 10.6.8, so I need minimum downtime on it.


Now I've not attempted a reboot yet, I'm working on the iMac now but obviously at some point the power is going to fail and/or I'm going to have to reboot. I'm hoping though that as the machine is still presently working there is going to be some sort of easy fix.


I've read the page on this site about what to do to fix things at the reboot, but before I get to that stage, is there anything I can do now, to fix the problem?


My concerns about the reboot is that many of the licences installed on this machine won't work without getting IT involved if I end up having to re-install SL and recover things from Time Machine, and as you can proberly imagine I'd rather not involve them!


So, yes, feel free to call me an idiot, as I've been one on many different levels (Not reading the warning screen, attempting this on my works machine, and so on). But, you only get to call me an idiot if you can also offer some useful advice ;-)


So, in short, help. Please.

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Hello again.


I'm on lunch and thinking, will running the "Repair Permission" or "Repair disk" command that exists in the Disk Utility fix the bootloader?


Or, can I try the "resize partition" trick without booting from a disc?

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