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Hello new user here and really appreciate the amazing work of this community.


I live in Hong Kong.


This is my first successful install of a hackintosh. I tried earlier nawcom installs and even had a semi working douchemacx86 install but gave up due to bleeding edge hardware specs at the time (sandy bridge i2500k, ASRock extreme4 P67). I got interested in hackint0shes because I've been using OS X for 8yrs now (G4 MBP, c2d santa rosa MBP) and wanted a desktop this time round.


I used to be a Java developer but more of a management role now, so my computer skill is rather high but can honestly admit that I feel like a fool when trying to understand what you guys do to get this stuff working (even though I used Linux back in the slackware days when we compiled our entire systems, etc). I've always desired multiboot (chameleon, stolen and rebranded) systems and the most complex setup I ever had was a quad boot OS/2 Warp, XP, Linux and BSDi x86 via the OS/2 boot manager.


I've hung out on IRC since 1995 and been bugging the hell out of the guys on the irc.osx86.hu lately to get my system working finally :)

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