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-Where you are from/where you live.

Hello, Am from the UK, Manchester


-How long you have used a hackint0sh (if this is your first time, state that you are new to this).

I have had used hackintosh for some time, my first custom pc with p4 i tried to make that into a hackintosh but I failed, so I built my self a custom spec Desktop pc, which I then managed to get it to work, and now am trying to install it on my new laptop that I got :D.


-A brief summary of your experiences in hackint0shing (if any).

Beginner, Still learning, Understand a lot of linux commands and have a degree in computer systems and admin.


-What triggered your interest in hackint0sh.

I like a challenge, i tried this on every machine possible in my home, i do it also for fun and i enjoy iOS, MAC OS in general :)


-Your general computer skill level.

Advanced - Webdesign skills / Photoshop / Dreamweaver

Intermediate - Unix / CENTOS / Mandriva



-List any technical experience you have in various operating systems and programming languages (if any).

Computer repair, - Technical

Advanced - VB

Int/Advanced - HTML/CSS/



-If you have any talents/skills that you would like to offer to help the community (optional).

Am around to help anyone, just returning a favour :)

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