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Hey there,

lets get the basics done first:

- i am living in germany right now

- the longest i've ever used hackingt0sh was for like 2 months, after this time i bought a macbook pro and used it for serveral years until it dies...since i couldn't afford a new macbook pro i decided on buying a thinkpad and try to hackint0sh it.

- and why do i want a hackintosh? like i said, i was using a macbook for a few years and osx is just an awesome os.

- my skills are good i guess :P

- a list of experience...lets keep it short, i used linux for a few years as my main os (before i bought the macbook), i work as a software developer focusing on web apps (lamp), i'm ok with c#/Java but not as good as with php.

i'd like to help in any kind of topic i am good at if the community was helping me ofc : )

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