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Greetings all, i've been using hackintosh for a few years. I built my first one with an intel dp35dp, core2duo, and nvidia graphics card. I've recently built my second with a GA-X58A-UD5, i7950, and NVidia 250gtx. I got into the hackintosh because I love the os but cant afford the proprietary hardware =[ ... and it's fun to see peoples faces when they see it running on a pc. I have been to able to answer 90% of my questions by googling on my passed installs, but I haven't found any good info for my new setup. I'm currently trying to get Lion or SL installed on my new dell n7110 i7 2nd gen, intell hd3000 graphics, and have run into issues. I would prefer SL. I bought lion in hopes it would give me more success on the account that i read that my graphics card is supported. IRC is dead and was pointed here.


I'm a professional web developer and am willing to offer my services to any of the heads of this community.


I look forward to speaking with you =]

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