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Hey there...


Greetings from snowy Vermont, USA.


I'm a long time Mac fan... but new to the Hackintosh arena. My brother-in-law and I were able to get Lion on his Asus tablet a few weeks ago quite easily, and so now I'm trying a brand new build "Hack Pro", but running into a problem. Probably easy for you more experienced guys... but I'm learning as I'm going. First time building a computer, first hackintosh.


I'm comfortable in a modest sense with doing this. Not a lot of programming skill, but usually know when to stop and ask. Have a bit of mechanical engineering background. Have programmed in the distant past.


At the moment, the unit is working with Windows 7, but after several unsuccessful attempts to get to the installer and watching verbose boots, know I need some (hopefully simple) assistance.


Looking forward to meeting some of you and getting this running!



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