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Hello to everyone,


I'm a sound engineer, I live in France.

I have made successful installs of SL on an Asus P5Q and a HD4870 1gb with everything working except dual monitors.

I also succeeded in installing Lion 10,7,2 on my new sandy bridge rig: Ga-H67A-UD3H-B3 F6 + i5 2500K + Sapphire vaporX HD4870 1gb (retail install and combo update) It all works fine.

I am new to this, but I am very interested in hackintosh stuff and I 'm willing to learn. Installing osx on my pc has been easy when using tutorials, but when it comes to tweaking and customizing I'm a bit lost.

I mainly plan to work on a dual boot OSX/Win7 for a DAW, offering me the benefits of both platforms and softwares.

I could help the community with the few "skills" I have: translation (french,english,spanish) or everything related to audio softwares/hardware, daw,hackintosh daw etc....

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