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Greetings From Happy Hackintosh

Happy Hackintosh

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Starting to put osx on a Dell Vostro 1500 that I have had for many years.

I'm looking for a patched dsdt or instructions for patching the base dsdt for the 1500 netbook.


I have built a multi-boot GA-p55a-ud3 i5-65 OSX now Lion after years at 10.6.7 This has been my main PC.

As I recall everything was OOB for this PC. Initially it was a ASUS 8400GS and later a MSI 5770 graphic card.


I recently started placing 10.6.7 on an HP Pavillion 6230 with AMD CPU. That was my first AMD PC install of OSX.


I'm a very old guy. So old that my first computer programming language was FORTRAN II.

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