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hi all,,


i'm ryzand, i interested join this forum because i want to learn and also to earn the science of hackintos :D


i come from Indonesia, so i would like to say sorry if my english is bad..


i've just start to use my hackintos on my brand new lenovo s10-3 :D

this is my first try on hackintosing, and i got a little problem.. so i searching in google, and found this forum.


i've tried to fix my error while try to boot on HDD (OS X partition) it's seem there is fix in the one of thread that exist on this forum.


i can be mentioned as intermediate user (maybe) :D


i hAve used ubuntu, slackware, and also i have a strong knowledge on windows PC..


i can maintenance mikrotik, sadly i can only maintain bandwidht manager only for now,

i have studied java, visual basic, php, javascript, but i'm forgotten the rest of all :(


hopely my introduction can be accepted





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