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Hi, This is my first post on myHack (obviously)


-I live in South Carolina

-This is my first time getting a physical Hackintosh running, but i have used a virtual one for just over a month.

-My virtual Hackintosh was running Lion (10.7.3), which is where I aim to get back to, I liked the way it looked and felt.

-What triggered my interest in making a Hackintosh was a friend of mine has a iMac, i had to do some work for him on it, and decided i liked it, and thought to myself...I wonder if I can get this to run on my computer.

-While I may be fairly new to the Hackintosh scene, I'm pretty good with computers over all.

-I've worked with Windows ME, XP, Vista, and 7; as well as OS X Snow Leopard and Lion

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