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First a big thank you to all the people behind this site.


I am from India, Bangalore actually. I have been using Macs for nearly 20 years, but have been using Hackint0shes for about three. One of the reasons for this has been the need to have a larger screen to work on than my MacBook 13†– my eyes aren’t getting any younger, sigh! The other is that Apple desktop hardware is insanely expensive here . An entry level iMac is about two times as expensive as a similarly configured PC.


At work, I have a bog standard Intel 945, ICH7, Core2duo pc (2.4ghz) with a 250gb sata drive, 2 GB of RAM and gma 950. It seemed the ideal machine to test out hackint0shing with. I have tried installing Tiger (using a distro) which worked for a while and then crashed. I moved to a Leopard (distro) installation for the last couple of years. It worked fine for about 18 months, but then crashed with the dreaded “invalid sibling link†– it seemed very vulnerable to minor hardware issues, which never seemed to show up in Windows (which I hate!). I had the hardware checked and then reinstalled Leopard. Worked for about a year and then crashed: “invalid sibling link†again.


So, this time around, I decided that if ever I reinstall osx on my pc, I would do a retail install. Which is when I came here.


I have some experience making computers work – applying logic mainly. But my programming skills are close to zero. I have tried using Applescript in the past and am trying – very slowly and laboriously to learn xcode. I have used C64, DOS, System 7.5 onwards to OSX and iOS, Windows 3.1 onwards and Ubuntu. But I am not really a power user, more someone who messes around with computers.


My only useful skill would probably be in helping to write howtos and in documentation.

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