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I am from Peking, aka Beijing, Sino ;-)

Surely brand new B to Hack!nt0sh, so I have got no idea on how to troubleshooting those kernel issues during boot ;-(

First touch was made well from the Kalyway 10.5 DVD, but it failed to run myHack upon the InstallESD.dmg of 10.7.3 ;-(

Once upon a time, a couple of decades ago, I experienced an extremely little bit with FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD for a while, but found it now rather tough to hack!nt0sh without accumulated knowledge ...

My general computer skill level is ok to my daily life, but too short compared to hack!nt0sh ;-(

I have some technical experience in operating systems, from the old DOS running on Apple IIe, and MS-DOS/Windoze 3.1 running on IBM PC, to current Windoze se7en; meanwhile, VMS, Solaris, IRIX, BSDI/FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD, Linux, Mac OS/OS X, etc, in the Internet era ...

Experience in various programming languages is rather insustainable, like the old 6502 assembly on Apple IIe, and 8086 on IBM PC; ok with BASIC and C then in DOS, and swithed to Perl and shell script in those unices ...

I would rather like to offer any help to the community if I could ;-)

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