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I'm Phil, live in Scotland, always wanted a Ma, but could not afford one, so decided to build a system from scratch.

I ended up oting for a hakmini style system with the following components:-

Gigabyte GA-H67N-USB3 MOBO runninf F7 Bios

i52500K processor

8g Samsung ram

500GB Samsung HDD (main HDD)

120GB Hitachi HDD (Back up of install ect)

LG DVD drive (Only used to install SL from redatil DVD then disconnected)

300W Silent PSU


I like to think that i am fairly literiate when it came to computers so though this would be a great little project for me to keep me busy as I have just given up smoking and needed somthing to draw my attention.


Built the system, followed the install process for SL from tonycrap using the DSDT from tonycrap too for my MOBO and updated the system to allow me to download Lion from the App store. Thats about where the smooth ride ended.

Have tried unifail to install Lion, creates a bootable USB pen but Install fails after a few minutes.

Hae tried xfail and have the same result.

Followed a tutriol from CPUKid00 on you tube and could not get boot at all.


Thats how I ended up here, been scouring the net for viable solutions and this site and the installation process looks like the way forward!!


Excited to try the installation method over the next few days and fingers crossed it works.

Thanks Phil

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