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-Where you are from/where you live. - Ketteirng UK


-How long you have used a hackint0sh (if this is your first time, state that you are new to this). I am new to this but I do have a iMac


-A brief summary of your experiences in hackint0shing (if any). no experience in hackingtosh but I have aquired an acer aspire one d250 and want to give hackingtosh a bash


-What triggered your interest in hackint0sh. - was given an acer aspire one d250 after playing around on it with windows was told netbooks are get for this but I have found out a few things may not work (like sleep and wifi) but the netbook cost me nothing and what harm can it do? ;)


Your general computer skill level. - I work for a broadband company and have done tech support. so I'm quite clued up on setting up pc's macs' iphonesand ipads to work wireless and wired state.


List any technical experience you have in various operating systems and programming languages (if any). I have done programming at colleage but that was in cobal but was a complete waist of time


-If you have any talents/skills that you would like to offer to help the community (optional). if you need something tranlated to italian I'm your man

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