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Hey :D I hail from the Netherlands and have a passion for messing with PCs (and geeky things in general) and trying out different hardware and OSes, and after messing with FreeBSD and more recently Linux I've decided I should get a bit more knowledgable about Mac OS X.


I have never really owned anything made by Apple before (not counting the old Mac Classic II that someone gave me - which amazingly still boots after 20 years :o), so I'm a complete newbie when it comes these things, especially hackintosh.


My main motivation for getting a hackintosh set up is that I like to have at least one Mac OS X system to test things on (mainly webdevelopment, but perhaps also some hobby programming projects) and maybe dabble with iOS app development a bit. And of course, not having to buy expensive Apple hardware - I will freely admit that I'm a bit of a cheapskate.


I'm reasonable tech-savvy with Linux, I know C, as well as some webscripting languages (PHP/JS), a tiny bit of bash scripting (though I find bash scripting a bit awkward), I manage some Linux servers and I have some experience debugging software (getting backtraces, writing trivial patches).


I've already managed to get a basic Lion hackintosh install going (had some trouble with USB mouse/kbd not working that Onixs was kind of enough to help me with on IRC, and I still need to fix sound/networking still, but will post about that in the appropriate forum). But I'm impressed with myHAck, which was a lot less confusing to use than some of the other guides out there and I like the philosophy behind it, so I sent a small donation as a thank you for the work done so far

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