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-I am from San Francisco, CA, USA, but I live in Nebraska currently

-I am building my first hackintosh tonight (Ivy Bridge i5 3570k, GA-Z77X-UD5H, GIGABYTE ATI Radeon HD6850)

-(see above)

-I am a longtime Mac user whose PowerMac G5 died late last year. I have 3+ TB of filmmaking that I would like to get back to - but right now a Mac Pro is not within my budget. So here I am...

-I am a Technology Director at a small company, have worked for Apple, and have been fixing computers since a young age. That said, I am not a programmer or linux maestro - just a passionate nerd.

-I maintain a ton of windows machines (XP-7, 2008 server) and have been using Macs since 10.2. I know a tiny bit of python, which I use for the euler problems ( http://projecteuler.net/ ) and some django experimenting/learning. I know a bit of CSS/html but otherwise I am n00b!

-I am pretty good with a yo-yo and I have a degree in filmmaking



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